Friday, 18 April 2014

Let the Chocolate eating begin!

My current term's classes finished yesterday!  I'm officially on holiday! Woohoo!

Here's a roundup of finishes from this week:

Monday night's Mugrug class:

Mugrugs class Apr14

Wednesday night Gifts:

Gifts class Apr14

Thursday night Doorstops:

Doorstops class Apr14

What a fabulous roundup of finishes!  Well done everyone!  Enjoy your well earned Easter break!

And if you would like to make a 'house' style doorstop for yourself, you can get the pattern here.

Jude xo

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Feet . Ground . Not Touching!

Yes it's been another busy week, with precious little to show for it.

Although I did manage to get 3 patterns written!

The only sewing I can show you is this.

Flex Frame Pencil Case

I found time to have a wee play with a 3.5" flex frame for a class next term, while I wait on more sizes to come.

Flex Frame Pencil Case

I'm also waiting on some pattern tracing paper to progress more tops for youngun', fleece to back my friends' birthday quilt, classroom floor space to baste 2 quilts, and a significant dose of sewing mojo to crack on with a tonne of class samples!

My kids have started their Easter hols, and I've one more week and then I'm off too!  First time off since Christmas!  Boy it's been a long term!

Hope you've had a great weekend!
Jude xo

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Cutting Crazy!

I don't seem to be able to stop myself from cutting into fabric at the moment. I've barely finished cutting up one layer cake, and I've hacked into another, or a fat quarter bundle (or 2!). 

I'm clearly needing to indulge the flow of ideas and creativity that are buzzing about in my head like some kind of deranged bumble bee!!

Problem is, I'm not getting much sewing done, just creating more and more piles of WIPs!! Oh dear!

And the only sewing done today, was half an hour of EPP in the Hospital coffee shop!

My daughter was having her legs scanned at half hour, and hourly intervals all morning!  Fun (not!!).

Lying perfectly still for 30 minutes at a time for my 'active' one was her biggest challenge. At least she got a day off school!

But I can show you something I made last week.

hand printed 'peek a boo' flower by Ceri
 Last night started my 2 week mugrug class, and this is one of the examples!

Can't wait to show you the brilliant mugrugs that are being made!

Happy Tuesday!

Jude xo

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sunny Sunday Sewing!

It's been so long since I cut the grass in my garden, I stalled the lawnmower, twice, while going over some extra thick bits!!

But it was too good a day not to!  17 degrees in fact!!

Sewing with the window open is a particular pleasure of mine!

I got the next round of Brit Bee Medallion done, for Katy this month (sorry, only allowed to show you a sneaky peek!).

Brit Bee Medallion sneak peek for Katy! Apr14

4 paper pieced corner star blocks!

I also got a few wonky cross blocks made for an in-house Bee Blessed man quilt.

Wonky crosses blocks - Bee Blessed man quilt 2

So that's the sum total of my sunny Sunday sewing!

Hope you had a lovely day!

Jude xo

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Cute Canines!

Have you ever tried to make a 3d patchwork cushion?

Just look who mastered them today at my Scottie Dog workshop:

Scottie Dog Workshop Apr14

Aren't they adorable!!

There were some fiddly, tricky stages to these cute doggies but those nimble fingers coped brilliantly.

Well done everyone!  Enjoy your cute canines!

Jude xo

Friday, 4 April 2014

Half Hexie Fun!

I've been working on a birthday present for a(nother) friend who has a '0' ending birthday next month.

Rosie's Half Hexie quilt top

This quilt top is made using a layer cake (Scrumptious by Bonnie & Camille), some yardage (Kona Snow, Paintbox by Michael Millar) and this half hexie 10" ruler.

Rosie's Half Hexie quilt top

I've decided to back this quilt in fluffy, snuggly red fleece!

I love this wee ruler so much, I hacked into another layer cake (Sunnyside by Kate Spain), changing the layout slightly so that full hexies extend into the border space.

Half Hexie Layer Cake quilt

I have the softest Kona Silver to put round the edges of this one!

And I have plans for a 3rd half hexie quilt (a sizzix die may also be involved!) wink wink!

More on that another day!

Happy Friday!

Jude xo

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Overs and Unders Finishes!

On Monday evening my Overs and Unders Quilt class finished, and what a lot of finishes!

Over & Under Quilt Class Mar14
Over & Under Quilt Class Mar14

I made a few changes to Kim Bracket's pattern, but kept the main design the same.

Aren't they brilliant! Well done ladies! Especially those of you tackling a quilt for the first time!

You rock!

Jude xo